Friday, 18 March 2016


Holi is around the corner and we are here to answer the classic “what do I wear?” question! Move over the overdone plain white suit look and try these six awesome celeb looks to jazz up your holi.  

 v     THE BADASS LOOK         

Kalki shows us the way to ace this absolute badass holi look. She teams a simple quarter sleeves top with water-proof lowers and completes the outfit with a cool head turban. This look is awesome because the three-fourth sleeves give you extra protection from colour, the water-proof track pants cover your legs and the turban keeps your mane safe. You can use a colourful stole for the turban to pep up the look.
                                   Link :     

v     THE COOL-GAL LOOK        

Keep it simple yet stylish this holi with this shorts ‘n’ shirt look. A pleasant change from the usual ethnic that we see on holi, this is an easy attire to carry. Take a cue from DeepikaPadukone who looks absolutely ravishing in these white shorts and red shirt. Yes your legs are exposed to all the colour, but who cares, holi only comes once right? 

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v     THE RETRO LOOK        

Nothing beats the ease of a suit on a holi day! But it doesn’t have to be a boring white! Experiment with the traditional look by teaming a white kurta with a fluorescent chiffon salwar and a contrast printed dupatta. Aishwarya Rai elaborates the look for you. Finish it off with matching bangles and a pretty hair-do.

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v     THE CUTE LOOK        

Trust Alia Bhatt to give us the cutest looks ever! The off-shoulder top with simple hot pants and a peek of the pink tank top underneath is the most different and comfortable holi look we ever saw! The ensemble offers maximum protection from colour too! Don’t forget to team it with a pair of funky aviators.

                               Link :

v      THE CHIC DIVA LOOK        

Look your classy best this holi with this chic look as shown by Anushka Sharma. Just wear a long black kurta with a dhoti salwar and tie your hair in a bun to follow her style.Easy right?We totally recommend it for those blessed with an enviable height.

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v       THE TRADITIONAL LOOK        

If you must wear a white suit on holi then we absolutely endorse this asymmetrical ankle length white kurta worn by Sunny Leone. The embroidery and use of net fabric adds more charm and makes it look trendier than a staid white kurta. Try it you if want to stick to the traditional white.

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Friday, 11 March 2016


Ready to be a bride this year? Well, don’t just be a bride, be a fashion forward bride by wearing the colours that are going to make headlines in 2016. We bring you a quick peek into the lehenga colours that will rule the fashion roost. Read on and take your pick from this vivid colour bouquet.

  • RIVERSIDE BLUE – THE BLUE TO BE IN                                                                         Blue is the new black this year! So get over your usual pinks and reds and go for a lehenga in this tone. Ofcourseyou can complement it with zari work in pink/gold and a pink choli. Works well specially for winter weddings. Check out this Manish Malhotra creation for some inspiration.
              Link :

  • ROSE QUARTZ–A LOVELY NUDE-PINK SHADE                                                               Be the coy bride in a rose quartz lehenga, a colour that’s creating quite a stir!This youthful shade is perfect for all skin types and is a great alternative to the deeper pink shades that have been done to death. See how Amy Jackson gets the look right!

      Link :

  • WARM TAUPE – FOR A TOUCH OF BROWN                                                                       If you dare to be different then warm taupe is the colour for you. This fantastic neutral shade can be paired with a brighter shade for an elegant look. Huma Qureshi shows you how to carry this timeless look.
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  • PEACH ECHO –AN ECLECTIC FUSION OF PEACH & ORANGE                                   A charming shade that is perfect for the Indian bride! It is both demure and bold at the same time and will pair beautifully with golden zari work or embellishments. Priyanka Chopra carries the look with great √©lan!

Link :

  • FIESTA – THE PERFECT RED                                                                                                 If you want to stay away from the harsh reds and the boring maroons then this is your colour! It balances just the right amount of brightness that’s neither too crass nor too dull. Alia Bhatt looks uber glamorous in this one. 

Link :

  •  SHARKSKIN – THE COOL GREY                                                                                            A fabulous colour that will give an exotic edge to your lehenga.If it sounds too  experimental, you could mix it with coral, gold or silver to add some colour and tone down the grey. Alternately you could wear it on your reception.Check out this sparkling grey lehenga for some motivation.

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Friday, 13 November 2015

5 Common Mistakes We All Make While Doing Yoga

We have all heard about of  the benefits of yoga -it ‘s strengthening , makes one flexible ,helps in improving posture ,aids stress relief and the list seems endless. Being so popular and widely accepted most people think they have got the basics of yoga correctly but what if you are inadvertently making the same mistakes that every beginner unwittingly makes? Let’s get to the roots and make sure that you are not making even the silliest of mistakes. Here are 5 common that you make while doing Yoga:

Mistake I: Keeping your cell phone on
Keeping your cell phone on is the best thing to do  when you want a distraction in your practice, which is best avoided.So switch the phone off when you are arriving for your yoga class or if you have an important call to receive keep it on vibration so as not to disturb others.

Mistake II: Letting it all hang out
A yoga class means a lot of movement that include some twists some turns, bending forward, backward and what not! Wear comfortable clothes that are neither too tight nor too baggy for maximum convenience.

Mistake III:  Not concentrating on SELF
Focusing on perfect pose and making comparisons is another flaw you make while practicing Yog. It is advisable to enjoy the journey while it lasts.If you keep comparing yourself to others you might force yourself into certain yoga poses which your body might not be ready for.There is no  perfect yoga pose but there is one which your body is comfortable in doing .Copy the basics and do your own thing.

Mistake IV: Holding your breath
More often than not when one is trying to get the pose right and trying to concentrate one forgets to breathe.Holding the breath leads to contraction of blood vessels ,creates stress and the exact opposite of what yoga intends to do.Whereas focusing on your breathing keeps your mind and body in sync.

Mistake V: Irregularity in your practice
Generally  one feels uplifted and exuberant after a yoga class.But at times daily life activities distracts us and often yoga slips to the bottom of  pile of to -do list. A consistent routine of  twice or thrice a week at the start and then gradually increasing the momentum to doing it daily will show you enough rewarding benefits that  would make you  stick to it in the long run.

     There is no such thing as perfection in yoga .Strive for excellence only then you will see the benefits that come with regular practice.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

5 Things To Keep In Mind For Successful Online Shopping Experience


In this age of computers, it is hard to deny the adrenaline rush one feels when one sees a great deal online on commodities like books, clothes, groceries anything and everything  one might want. If you found yourself reading through this article, you are one self-confessed online shopaholic.  In this fast paced life it is difficult to find time to dwell in the old school traditional shopping practices that are time consuming. Who wants to take endless rounds of the bazaar when one can still purchase things one wants by just clicking fingers? Here are 8 Things To Keep In Mind For Successful Online Shopping Experience:

I. Never Budge from Your Budget

Before browsing online make sure you have clear idea of things you want and the money you intend to spend on those wants. Then, stick to it!


II. Stick-On

Develop a clear idea of what your style preferences are as in what works for your taste and what does not and then hunt such stuff down on the internet. Do not let advertisements and beguiling pop-ups fool you into buying stuff that do not match your preferences.


III. Re-search Engine

To avail maximum benefit out of online shopping, get your facts right. Find out about the product details after you narrow down on some product you want to purchase, to your satisfaction. Make sure the seller website is reliable. Contact the website in case the information you are looking for has not been furnished online. Looking into the policies of the company like replacement, return and refund is also prudent thing to do.


IV. Compare

As a smart shopper, it is mandatory that you find the best bargain for the commodity you intend to buy. Season discounts, deals , site-wide offs make it possible for prices to vary across websites.


V. No Skipping Shipping

Always take the shipping and custom cost into consideration while placing an order for a commodity online.Sometimes, it turns out it might be cheaper to buy locally .Best way is to buy from a site that offers free shipping or is upfront about the shipping costs so you know beforehand about what you are signing up for.

You may or may not be a binge shopper but will certainly love the freedom that online shopping provides.The range of products ,the deals on offer,customer satisfaction motto of shopping sites,the comfort of home ,no hassle of parking the car,and most of all the prices are a fraction of the brick and mortar counterpart ,the list is endless .... So come on ,join the growing numbers of smart online shoppers.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Awesome Cleaning Hacks to Liberate You This Diwali

 Its that time of the year when every housekeeper is interrupted with never ending cleaning chores. A lengthy cleaning exercise is what it takes to make it a Happy Diwali. However, do not let the thought of elaborate cleaning schedules take the fest out of festivities, for we have Awesome Cleaning Hacks to Liberate You This Diwali:

 Broth up a dilute solution of baking soda and water to rinse your precious silverware in it and have them all sparkly in a jiffy.


Place crumbled newspaper bits in the fridge as they absorb all odors.


Roll your heated (non-steamed mode) iron over piece of tin foil sprinkled with salt, to have it all clean.

Glue Guns:
Sticky glue guns from all the Diwali packing get as good as new when wiped with Aluminium foil while still hot but still switched off.


Sweep off the accidentally broken glass chunks by pressing piece of bread on it to pick them up.


Get your leather back to its original glory by rubbing some matching shoe polish on all the tarted areas.

Rub some toothpaste on your precious goldies to have them all sparkling this Diwali.


Say 'Bye' to adamant stains spotted on your bathroom faucets by tying plastic bags filled with vinegar around it.

Scattered Tit Bits:
Use a ball of play dough to collect scattered tit bits around your desk.


Place a mix of water and washing soap in the dirty bakeware and microwave it . Clean with tin foil afterwards.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

7 Little Known Facts About Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra's Love Story

Ruchi Jain

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra finally took the plunge on 29 October after a courtship of nearly eight years.The wedding was a grand affair but courtship was initially a low key affair and came out in open only later on. Here we run you through 7 Little Known Facts About Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra's Love Story:

I. Geeta hails from England while Harbhajan is from Jalandhar.The love story began in 2007 when they were introduced to each other by a common friend at an event. At that time Geeta had bollywood dreams so, she stuck to the ‘good friend’ claim.But when her career didn’t take wings she decided to concentrate on her personal life.

II. In 2008,Bhajji participated in a dance reality show ‘Ek Haseena Ek Khiladi’ with tollywood actress Mona Singh. Geeta was spotted at the hotel where Bhajji was staying for the promotion of the event but she continued to be discreet about it.

III. Geeta , in 2010 was seen hovering around Film City Studios on the sets of a dance show ‘Zara Nach Ke Dikha’ for which the off spinner was shooting as a celebrity guest. At an IPL event hosted by Shahrukh Khan , Khan took potshots at the Cricketer at which the latter blushed bringing out the love in open.

IV. The couple stepped out together  openly for the first time for Formula I race at the Budh International Circuit in Greater Noida. Geeta began accompanying him to IPL bashes. They began to go for dinners together with Sachin Tendulkaar when ever the cricketer was in town.

V. Geeta was keen that Harbhajan accompany her to concerts by Romanian band Deepside Deejays of which she is a big fan. This brought their affair into limelight.

VI. A film ‘Second Hand Husband’ was released in July this year starring Geeta  who is shown searching for true love in the film. Harbhajan had a cameo in this movie.When she finds true love , the camera focuses on , YOU GUESSED IT RIGHT , Harbhajan Singh.

VII. The dreamy  romance of cricketer Harbhajan Singh and  actress Geeta Basra is what  modern day fairy tales are made of.The cheeky affair ended in a glitzy wedding and a happily ever after.........

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hairstyles You Must Try for Karwachauth 2015

By: Ruchi Jain

The-Indian-ized festival of love Karwachauth is here all soft ,sensuous and Ooh! so romantic. Ladies! you don't have to pine for your lover anymore as you already have him by your side. The beautiful sanctity in the fact that she only prays for the longevity of his life and their years of togetherness runs unparalleled. Not to mention, this is just another occasion were ladies get to play dress up. Here are some latest easy- to-do hairstyles that help you woo him this Karwachauth:


Channel the inner beauty and wear your crowning glory in a crown literally.Rough your hair by using your hands to create texture .Sweep your hair into looped bun at crown of head and secure with an elastic band at top.Wring  the rest and twist around the bun and here you are.


Divide your hair into center part all the way down at the back of your head.So it forms two sections .Do an inverted french braid on one side of your head.Once you reach the end secure with a pin and repeat with other side. Bring the end of braid up so it touches the beginning of opposite braid and use  bobby pins to secure in place.


One of the easiest ways to get ready in a short time is this rough and broad all hair on one side style.Bring them on front ,braid it and twist it tightly in a bun. Get ready with other essentials in the mean time.When you are ready unpin the bun to have this look.


Perfect for just washed long hair.Use a gel to create sleek ponytail onto of head and tie it securely with an elastic band.Section off your pony tail into many pieces .Coil each one section ,wrap it around and pin in place.Repeat with other sections to create a modern take on the usual bob.


This medium length up do is super sweet and edgy to the core.Hair is twisted back and away from the face,then pulled into a messy low ponytail.Adding a sophisticated hair accessory in the back elevates the style to a bit formal.